New City of Light Web Experience: February 10th


When my wife and I began the journey of planting a new church to help bring a segregated city together, we had no idea that this mission would resonate with so many people.colc_new_site_ss

From 2015 till now, the City of Light team has witnessed hundred of lives impacted in practical ways across Greater Milwaukee. Suburban churches and inner city churches have partnered to multiply the effect of sharing God’s love through unity.

One recent story happened at a City of Light community game night. The intent of the game night was to invite people from different ethnicities to build relationships by playing games and sharing a meal. We knew this would be the start of deeper, longer lasting efforts to come.

One Black participant expressed that she only worked with White people but never engaged in friendships outside of work.20151024_190723

During the game night, she sat at a table, shared a meal and had a great time laughing and talking with others. At the end of the game night she thanked us for putting the event on and expressed how much fun she had beginning new relationships with others of a different ethnicity than herself. It was an eye opening experience and one that she wants to continue taking part in.

This was a small example of something that is happening frequently. With initial steps, people from across Greater Milwaukee are meeting great people that are different than themselves. They are taking part in community service events and strengthening neighborhoods with these new friends. As these efforts expand, communities will embrace difference and see it as something to make our area stronger.


We want you to be part of this movement. City of Light is launching a new web colc_new_site_ss3experience February 10th and we need your help. We want you to share it with others. Use this link to be part of the sharing campaign.


The new site content includes our mission and strategy for helping people discover their God given potential.

The new site includes video and blog content highlighting the City of Light journey that you can use to inform others of our impact in Greater Milwaukee.


To celebrate this new experience, we are giving away one Starbucks gift card for four weeks to those who share our site. To enter the drawing for the card, use the links on the website beginning February 10th to share on Facebook or Twitter. (Facebook event link)

Our team is growing and we want you to be part of this exciting movement to bring people together in one of the most segregated cities in the country.

#BeTheLight #JoinTheTeam

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