The Biggest Sale On Earth

During this “holi”day season I am sure that you as well as I cannot escape the endless barrage of sales commercials, emails, Facebook advertisements and shopping papers in the mail. Let me be the first to say that I too appreciate sales on clothes and gifts for friends and family. But while shopping with the family and seeing amazing items marked down 50% and 60% of their normal cost, I couldn’t help but think on how value is often so relative. It’s often based upon the eye of the beholder. So, I began to think about the things we sometimes mark down in our lives that should never go on sale.
Rewind a couple thousand years to the town of Bethlehem. The time was ripe for the savior of all mankind to come to earth. Why? Because man was lost and ever since the beginning we struggled by self efforts and the law to find our way back to God. His birth was foretold many times in Old Testament scripture. The prophet Isaiah spoke of His virgin birth in Isaiah 7:14. His birthplace was foretold in Micah 5:2. His kingly ancestry was uncovered in Jeremiah 23:5. Psalm 72:10 revealed great men that brought gifts to our Savior. And Psalm 2:7 declared that He is the Son of God. But yet, with all this worth, all of this value, in Luke 2:7 we find His place of birth was in a smelly, discounted stable because there was no room in the hotel for Him.
We have all been discounted at one time or another. People may have overlooked you for the team, placed your ideas in a box, excluded you from their social group. Or even ignored your contributions while at the same time taking the credit for your success.
It hurts to be discounted. And it is really easy to get discouraged and get bitter about it. But being discounted in the eyes of people does not mean that you are worthless. Worth is determined by the one that creates the object in question. God says that He loved you so much, that He was willing rather to die than to be without you. Psalm 139:14 says that you are astonishingly and wonderfully made in the eyes of God.
So, when you know where your worth comes from, you have power and confidence to walk in the purpose that you were created for. It’s time to rip off the sale tags and proclaim that you will no longer be hidden back on the clearance rack. It’s time for the showcase window baby! Let God’s glory be seen in you so those in need of value can see you and begin to take their rightful places.
So as you shine in this season, let’s remember to acknowledge where your shine comes from. The birth of Jesus had a purpose. His purpose was to show us the way to life and connect us back to the Father. So in our caffeine induced shopping marathons of bargain hunting, let’s keep Jesus in proper perspective. Let’s remember why we celebrate Christmas and why the importance of this holy day should never go on sale.
Merry Christmas!!!
Brian Mckee
Lead Pastor, City of Light Church