The Simplicity of Thankfulness

As we experience this season of Thanksgiving head on, what does the word thanksgiving mean to you? explains it this way, “the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, especially to God.”  It is interesting just how easily a word or meaning can be lost in the holiday.  It can become ritualistic to have family over and eat until you cannot even think straight, or get all of the sales papers lined up for your favorite stores in preparation of Black Friday shopping.  However, what is the meaning of Thanksgiving in our personal lives?

I invite everyone to reflect during this season and let God know what you are thankful for.  There is simplicity in thankfulness.  There is not a dollar amount or house size attached to thanksgiving.  As you look at the definition, what benefits are you afforded that make you eternally grateful?  Let us know what you are thankful for this holiday season.  You never know how you can encourage someone who is down and out this holiday season with your words and testimony.  I am thankful for the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The fact that Jesus loves us enough to visit us in our lowest state and lift us out of the poverty of sin and shame is enough to be thankful for a lifetime.  You do not need to have popular culture’s definition of success to be accepted into the Kingdom of God.  There is no pressure to drive or live a certain way.  You receive the best benefit package ever just by acknowledging that Jesus is the Son of God. Recognizing He died for our sins, and rose from the grave to defeat death.  This is the simplicity of the Gospel and the reason we can be thankful during the Thanksgiving season.