We Love It When a Good Plan Comes Together…

God loves Milwaukee.

Of the 940,000 people in the greater Milwaukee area there are 493,000 that are NOT connected to a life-giving church. Emergency shelter calls within our city have nearly doubled from 2007 (10,364) to 2012 (20,147). 52.5% of the population of our city claim NO religious affiliation. 53% of all divorces in our state involved families with children.

Each one of these numbers is a person with the potential to realize the full potential of who God has created them to be.

We have an answer.

The message of Jesus never changes, but how you convey the message should be relevant to generational and cultural experience. Reaching a new generation in need of God is often accomplished by communicating the gospel through a new church. Statistics show that new churches tend to be more evangelistic and involved in outreach activities that draw the unchurched in their communities.

Why is a new church important?

When people’s lives are transformed by God, there is a positive effect on families, workplaces and communities. New people tend to feel more comfortable with new people. A new church gives people a unique opportunity to build and grow strong community relationships. A new church setting often attracts people that bring culturally appealing ideas about how to change their world.

To make this happen, we need your help. Prayerfully review our strategic plan and see what you can do to help us reach the goal that God has given us.