What Can I Expect On Launch Sunday?

I’m thinking about coming out on the first Sunday of City of Light Church. What should I expect when I get there?

From the moment you come on the parking lot, our goal is to have a warm, friendly face greeting you. Our helpful team will welcome you and guide you where you want to go. Our children’s check-in will be convenient and secure. Your children will have a blast with our trained staff in a clean, engaging environment.  The lighting and sound in the auditorium have been professionally set to make every area in the room feel inviting. Our worship leaders and band are playing current, fresh and uplifting music. Announcements will be easy to understand and peak your interest to know more or get involved.

The Word of God is brought in a clear, simple and compelling manner. The opportunity to give is honest, open and without obligation. Next steps of how to get involved are easy to follow and child pick-up is courteous and efficient. The same friendly faces you met on the way in are there to smile and invite you to join us next week.

We hope you will.